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about us

At Focalink, we feel that "stringent quality control" and "continual product innovation" are the keys to a company's success. In producing ocarinas, we use the streamlined processes and exhaustive quality checks found in a factory. This is the main difference between Focalink and the 'one person in charge of multiple jobs' method utilized by other ocarina makers.

With regards to continual product innovation, the ocarina does not have a set shape as it is a relatively young, less mainstream instrument. Unlike other instruments that have a standard shape in any country, it is important to adapt the ocarina to fulfill varying regional needs. Thus, we have a department dedicated to product research and have three well experienced colleagues immersed in this field. Our motto is one of relentless improvement and continual raising the bar.

We have supreme confidence in our products and look forward to sharing them with ocarina enthusiasts around the world. Together, we can pave the road to a world for the ocarina.